My Scilab programming notes

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Scilab can be downloaded from the official site of Scilab. As of 16 Jun 2020, the latest version is Scilab 6.1.0.


This is a very good tutorial for beginners: Scilab for very beginners.


After studying the above tutorial, one just needs to use the embedded help within the installed software, or the online help page:

Some grammars (ongoing)


Comments in Scilab follow C++ style:

// This is a comment

In Matlab, comments start from %. In Scilab, % is used as prefix for built-in constants, such as

%e       // Euler number.
%eps     //epsilon (floating-point relative accuracy)
%f or %F // Boolean variable for false.
%i       // imaginary unit
%inf     // infinity
%nan     // not-a-number
%pi      // ratio of circle's circumference to its diameter
%s       // A variable used to define polynomials.
%t or %T // Boolean variable for true.
%z       // A variable used to define polynomials.


That's it. Bye bye Matlab!